No debate, just vaccinate

Our small community had a recent “mini outbreak” of mumps. Yes, mumps. Mumps should be one of those historical viruses by now that have been nearly wiped off the earth, coupled with smallpox and polio. But they’re not. In fact, their numbers are not diminishing but actually rising in some places. Why, oh why…

Rather than write a generic post about the virtues of vaccinations, I am simply going to reference some great articles and blogs that currently exist. There are all excellent and worthwhile reads. Vaccines are not a government project to control the population. They are not an invention by Big Pharma just to become rich. Vaccines save lives. Vaccines prevent infections. Vaccines decrease morbidity. Vaccines improve quality of life. VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. Vaccines increase life expectancy. Vaccines are not perfect, but are certainly one of the greatest advances in medical science.

The graph below is an excellent example of how the MMR vaccine does NOT cause autism. It simply shows how correlations work. All the facts on the graph are true. Though they have nothing scientifically linking them together, when we place them on the graph, they look convincing, don’t they?!


A great explanation of the value of vaccines is written here on Violent Metaphors.

Here’s another great example, though less scientific, but gives the perspective from from the lay person.

Why would I post something like this? Because we still see people infected with diseases that could and should have been prevented. Vaccination programs are cheap, and their rewards from a health expenditure savings is immense. Yet people still choose to not protect themselves, and by doing so, prevent protection from those that don’t have the luxury of such a choice.

There are many good valid posts. But I shall leave it at that. Please think hard before declining to vaccine yourself or your children. It’s not something that just affects you.

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