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The domino effect of Ontario’s unilateral moves on primary care

The Province of Ontario is in debt and healthcare spending is a major cause for being in the red. Ontario needs to save money. A few years ago, Ontario attempted to negotiate a revamping of the Schedule of Fees for … Continue reading

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Patients are not Customers

I witnessed one of the scariest, saddest, and disappointing things recently at a departmental meeting. We were shown the results of a survey, on how patients viewed our service in our Emergency Department. While I’m not disputing the need or … Continue reading

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Physiotherapy needs to be covered by provincial plans!

I really wish I had the balls to write this as an open letter to the Ministry of Health, or to all provincial Ministries of Health. I even wish we had the funding to make a long-term research project to … Continue reading

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ER: the “E” stands for Emergency

Maybe the most famous of all medical departments, helped of course by the many fiction and reality TV shows, the beloved and hated Emergency Department. Let me say it again,¬†Emergency Department. Unfortunately for the majority of users, it has turned … Continue reading

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